Day 1…..of I don’t know what the heck is going on or how to feel….

Ok so I guess I’ll start by telling you guys about myself. My name is Tasha Moser I’m 34 and a mother to three beauties who drive me absolutely insane as much as they possibly can. My daughter Lidia is 13 almost 14, my middle son Aidyn is 11 will be 12 in October, and my baby boy Oscar is 9 will be 10 in December. My boyfriend has a 15 year old son named Blaize who I love as my own and consider my stepson.

I am a debt collector by day. Yes I am aware all of you hate my kind but hey we honestly aren’t that bad. It’s not my dream job, not at all did never think this is what I would be doing for a living but unfortunately I am good at it. I’m awesome at helping you find solutions to resolve your debt…..however my own is a different story and we aren’t here to talk about me now are we….oh never mind I’m going to change the subject now.

I have been with my boyfriend David for almost 6 years now. We have known each other since high school. Our lives went to very different ways but when we reconnected the timing was just right. We have had major ups and downs and we have made it, so here is to the brand new challenge before us and here’s to all of you reading about it I’m divorced I have been for 7 years now I have been in and out of court for 7 years. Up until literally a few weeks ago I had primary physical custody of my children. This is hard they have always been with me. I now have sole custody of only my middle child because he was not of the marriage and am the non custodial parent for my other two children. Our system is broken. I should never have lost custody and it’s frustrating. So I am going to be on here sharing my week to week frustrations and joys and hopefully give you guys some laughs as well. Enjoy the ride!!! Have fun with my crazy family and My Crazy Life!!